Earlier Restoration Work


As mentioned else where, the Jaguar 3.5 litre Saloon (it is so much easier to call it a MK4) was owned by ‘Steve’ a fellow member of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club (Surrey Region) and that he had spent 3 years fabricating repair panels. Steve also did some fabulous work repairing all 4 wings – the fabrication of the front wings is far beyond my own capabilities and he clearly took maximum advantage of having access to an English Wheel to create the curved panels. Plus all the repairs were ‘old school’ using oxy-acetelene welding equipment. If Steve had not done that work already – I would not have been able to take over the restoration – so one day, when the car is back on the road, I will very much consider it a joint effort.

The photos below are homage to Steve’s earlier work and it is part of the cars history so its nice to capture it.