The passenger seat is sadly beyond being restored… but that doesn’t mean I cant make another one. If there is someone out there who remakes the Jaguar seats – I have not found them and all the ordered metal has arrived so I can make a start on the rebuild now.

Having taken a real good look at the remains of the seat there is a huge amount of rust just about everywhere, it definitely would be unsafe to use. Releasing the rust from parts that are supposed to move is relatively easy in that I soak them in ‘concrete cleaner’ which does an absolutely fabulous job of stripping ferrous oxide from solid metal. So I am using this to separate the decomposed parts from the metal that I want to keep.

Here is where we are with the seat: The seat back will have replacement 20mm tubes bent to shape, The top and bottom part of the seat frame will be made out of 20mmx3mm angle iron to replicate how it was made originally and the cross braces and moving components will be made from 20mmx3mm flat bar. Most of the construction is relatively straight forward but they seat back is still a challenge that I have to face.

Here is my order of metal, a 8’x4′ sheet of metal (weirdly not ordered in metric dimensions), 0.5mx0.5m of 2mm sheet, 3m of angle, 3m of flatbar and 6m of tube because I fully expect to have to try to make the seat back several times

The fun starts now… well actually soon, because the car gets delivered to me this week….