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The restoration of an 1946 Jaguar 3.5ltr Saloon, this time I did start out to do a full restoration, it will not be to concours standards as you read elsewhere, more with the aim of having a very usable, good looking old Jaguar that I will be proud to take to car shows and other motoring events and simply enjoy. Doing all the restoration work is my idea of fun. With this car I think I know what I am letting myself in for, I can see there is a lot more to do that simply removing a rust bubble or two. It is a daunting project and yes I have mild trepidation, but I also learned a few skills (always learned the hard way) I am sure that i wont always do things the right way because i do not necessarily know the right way. I have learned how to weld, panel beat, lead load, sand, paint, trim, re-wire and even nickel plate but I am far from a professional restorer. The key element is that if I can do it, so can you – so hopefully this blog will help you.


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Seat Rebuild Part 3

Seat Rebuild Part 3

The construction continues. Using the technique for bending angle iron that I identified before,...

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